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Airport Service means for you as client: When you arrive between 7am and 10pm on Gran Canaria, your rented car will be awaiting you. If you prefer to take the bus to your hotel, your car will be waiting there (Hotel Service).
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1. The hired car, accessories and extras are reveived by the lesse in perfect, technical and visual condition, and at the termination of this contract must be returned to the lessor in the same perfect condition in which it was received. 2. The handing over and the return od the vihicle is agreed for 9 a.m. When exceeding this time, the lessor reserves the right to charge the price of one additional day. 3. In the case of the premature cancellation or the extension of this contract, this must be applied by the lessee at leasr 24 hours in advance. It is expressly pointed out that all contracted insurances are cancelled automatically when extension of the contract is not authorized by the lessor. The rental price includes the obligatory liabilily insurens, insurens for fire and theil of the car, unlimeted civil coverage for third party damage and a fully comprehensive insurance with a participation. Any damage or which are not covered by a contracted in and which cannol be clearly attributed io the responsability of a third person, will be charged to the lessee's account. 4. When using the car according to the regulations, in the event repair work is required on the vihicle, or in case of mechanical defect which cannoi be attributed to the lessee's lault, the lessor will be responsible for the organization of such repair work and should the repairs last longer than two hours, a replacement vihicle will be provided . 5) It's is strictly forbidden: a) to use the car on roads not asphalted. b) to leve any object visible in the car in public places which could lead to damage, break in or robbery of the car. The lessee is responsable for any damage resulting irom such carelessness. c)the driving of the car by another person other than the lessee or person authorized by the lessee which has to be staated in this contract. The authorized person will drive the car under the full responsability of the lessee. d) io sublet the hierd car or to transport passengers for charge. e) io transport more than the allowed number of passengers. f) to overload the vihicle, as well as to transport animales, combustibles or explosive, malodorous or dangerous material. g) the use of the car in races, speed trails, competitiones etc., or to push or tow other vihicles or trailers. h) to drive the hired car in a dangerous manner or under ihe influence of alcohol, any other subsiance ot illness which would prejudice ihe physical state or the reflexes of the driver. i) to leave with the car the island where the contract has been signed, withaut the express, written permission of the lessor. 6. The contracted insurance will be responsible for the covered responsability, provided that the lessee does not violate the conditions expressly stated in the 5th paragraph and than the lessee ummediately caus upon the intervention of the police and oblains their corresponding report, regardiess or not if a third party is involved. In any case the lessee is obliged to inform the lessor as soon als possible. 7. Any responsability of financial nature which arrives from this contracr is at the lessee's expense and altracis a 20% annual interest rale begining on the day that it becomes effective and not on the dale of the lessor's demand. 8. For any jurisdicial conflict the contracling parties submil them selves expressly of the Couris and Tribunales of the Jurisdiction of LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA.

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